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Saturday, 01 July 2017 15:54
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Go Against Tide 152Many have fallen into a trap of thinking that communism collapsed. It's just the opposite! Communism has changed the methods and so, gained an extraordinary advantage in people's mentality. Many of us do not even realize they follow Communist ideology. So, first of all, it is worth defining the word itself.

Communism is a way of world perception that can only be achieved after complete removal of any form of competition. It's not just one of possible worldviews or ideas. On the contrary, it's the only one which is possible! The word “communism” comes from Latin “communis” meaning "common, public". The idea is clearly presented in the Communist hymn, “The International”:

We’ll change henceforth the old tradition
And spurn the dust to win the prize.
So comrades, come rally
And the last fight let us face
The Internationale unites the human race.

Communism has aspirations to conquer the whole world, all the countries, both nations and individuals. It is clear at this point that there is no place for either compromise, negotiations, or coexistence. The goal will be achieved by nothing else but Totalitarian World Government.

All that matters for communism is a goal, not a method. In other words, communism can use any other ideology to achieve the ultimate purpose which comes to taking full control over the world. It may temporarily propagate the ideas of free market, conservatism, nationalism, and even specifically understood "Christian values"! (This flexibility and adjusting to new circumstances make communism particularly dangerous and difficult to fight against.)

Every Christian will easily recognize that the so-defined dogmas of communism stand in explicit and direct contradiction with the Biblical revelation. Hence, one can make a simple conclusion on the origins of communism: it is the product of hell whose ruler, Lucifer, is obsessed with destroying God's order.

For a century, we have been dealing with a new quality in the world – the first established communist country, Russia. At this point, the allegedly utopian idea obtained a powerful lever for reaching goals and immediately began its conquest of the world.

Its march to the West was stopped by our great grandparents near Warsaw, who left us a magnificent cry of “Lances forward, swords in hand, Chase the bolshevik far, far, far!" as a reminder of this important event and a last word in debate with communists. Unfortunately, the communist offensive in the eastern direction could not be stopped and the world's most populous country ended up in the camp of Evil.

Today Communist Asia (China / Russia) in the person of Chinese president Xi Jinping has challenged the Free World by announcing the new globalization under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. As for now, the Communists have called on other countries to break away of American tutelage and voluntarily join the communist chariot. If the latter do not do this themselves, there could be only one outcome in the future...

The current president of the United States has decided to stop the ominous march of the new Bolsheviks and sent a powerful armada against them. The world has become gripped by a fear of war. And yet a few years ago, a certain Fukuyama announced the end of history to be dull and boring...

Is the fear of war justified? I would compare this to a trip to the dentist. When the tooth is infected and pain occurs, we can try to deny it or use analgesics, but only the dentist's intervention can definitely solve the problem! The pain will be short-lasting and intense...

In the last century, we have tried various methods of dealing with communism, including common interests, international organizations, peace conferences, retreats, flirtation, "cultural and scientific exchanges" but all of them led to its progress. Our great-grandfather's method, repeated to a limited extent by President Reagan, was the only thing which managed to hold the red march back. Will President Trump surpass Pilsudski and Reagan? God grant him so to do!

We have to remember that the only thing which can give us certainty of triumph is the confrontation with the Empire of Evil. Any kind of compromise would be a guarantee of disaster and can generate even more victims, tragedy and suffering… just as is the case with an aching tooth…

Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7

Paweł Chojecki

Pastor of The Church of The New Covenant in Lublin

Go Against the Tide Magazine and TV, Editor-in-Chief

(This article appeared in the April issue of IPP monthly)